Conveniently situated in the suburban haven of Mansourieh, ÉCLAT sits in close proximity to vibrant Beirut and many of its other main districts. The development’s surroundings embody a serene setting cradled by luscious greenery and scenic mountain view. From open space interior design to breathtaking panoramic views and private gardens, the fully furnished lofts at Eclat offer a genuine taste of American living only minutes away from the Lebanese capital.

As a retreat from the grind of everyday life, immerse yourself in ÉCLAT and benefit from a full range of amenities that comprise a marvel of contemporary residential architecture. Style, sophistication, and elegance are the attributes that define this residential complex of 53 fully furnished open space lofts and apartments, each ranging between 70 and 100m2 in size. Its distinctive character represents a statement in itself, by courting to the lifestyle of keen dwellers with its unique brand of fashionable appeal and affordable luxury.

As it nears its completion in 2016, ÉCLAT will offer tenants an opportunity to enjoy an exceptional level of quality in building materials and amenities, with each fully furnished apartment featuring a high-end finish and state-of-the-art kitchen. ÉCLAT also provides its residents with the following facilities: A fully equipped gym that caters to all of the health and wellness needs of both fitness enthusiasts and those that exercise more casually. A tastefully adorned lounge area at the entrance of the building will set a tone for the ÉCLAT experience from the get-go.


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Park Residence

Residential apartments
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Residential apartments
in Faneromenis, Cyprus

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Residential apartments
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