The Jdeideh Office Center compacts the growing tendencies of business life in an office building meant to further the capacities of its tenants. Sitting on a 2200sqm piece of land, the Jdeideh Office Center elaborates the eccentric possibilities that business has to offer. Office size range from 75 to 535sqm, enabling an assortment of possible office style implementation.

Accommodated, is a magnificent and classically fitted 1400sqm showroom that magnifies and accentuates all of which that resides within. At its feet, lies two cordially befitting basements for parking and services, along with a ground floor parking for visitors. All of these facets, working together, help ensure that neither rain nor shine would rouse your formal presentation.

Jdeideh 19 Office center is strategically located in a highly urban area on the main Dikwaneh - Jdeideh - Nahr el mot highway. It is located on the angle of two roads and it is easy accessed to major destination within and outside Beirut. The main Dikwaneh - Jdeideh - Nahr el mot highway is a virtual partition between two main zones. Highly residential zone and mixed used zone with headquarters, official governmental buildings, residential buildings and office buildings.

Jdeideh19 office center was shaped as a simple rectangle, partially rotated at the angle of the main facade to visually compose two geometric bodies. This slight rotation was pointed to face the main highway. In doing so, the project provides a more dynamic and more elaborate development of the facade relation to building form and integration in the site. The main entrance emphasized with an architectural element that distinguishes the entrance from the lateral road. The glazed facade offers large, light-filled interior spaces engineered for comfort and high-performance along with spectacular views.

With a total of 64 office spaces covering 13 floors, Jdeideh office center covers office space ranging in size from 75sqm to 535sqm



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