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CENTRAL Business Center serves the purpose of several businesses, industries and a wide range of professionals and commercial enterprises with some of the most state-of-the-art facilities and amenities required in modern-day commerce.

CENTRAL is a commercial center right next to Beirut, near Habtoor Hotel. With the benefit of proximity and brevity of travel needed by all business owners and customers alike, the destination is a central hub for a host of needs and wants.Being adjacent to the massive Habtoor hotel, it is also a big drawing point for innumerable potential clients and customers.

The venue is facilitated with a number of quality services with its touch of elegance and sophistication displayed in the architectural structure of the location. Our floor plans are optimal for small businesses to large corporations, with spaces ranging from 90 to 525sqm. We are here to tailor our spaces to your needs.



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90-1800sqm Offices available and tailored to your needs.


70-100sqm fully furnished open space loft apartments

Central business Center

90-525sqm Offices available and tailored to your needs.

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